May 2019 Alpego Spa, took over  direct control of its operations in the UK  with the launch of a new wholly owned company, Alpego UK Limited. The new company assumed responsibility for import, distribution through Alpego’s dealer network, service and parts support. Since then Alpego UK ltd has increased the dealer network to near 100% coverage, Increased the Alpego machine population and most importantly support farmers during weather events with Alpego Combination drills, offering real security in seeding.

Alpego has continues to see  significant growth in the UK. A large and increasing number of  professional farmers associate excellent build-quality and customer service with the Alpego brand, and this has driven the increasing demand for our products and the features unique to our brand ,” explained CEO for Alpego Spa and Alpego UK Ltd., Mr Nicola Pegoraro.

The UK business structure is a natural evolution in our growth strategy,” added Mr Pegoraro.

“It will facilitate much closer relationships with our  dealer network and customer base, enabling us to respond even faster and more efficiently to their needs and to the challenges that lie ahead in a changing and increasingly competitive market, Particularly  with the recent Brexit and Covid restrictions

Crucially, Alpego UK ltd  wholly owned by Alpego, also provides the platform for an ambitious investment programme,” said Mr Pegoraro. “from 2019 we have acquired new premises for the company in Boston, Lincolnshire and we are investing in new people and new expertise across the business. Alpego’s commitment to the UK market is underlined further by continued investment in research and development, with plans to update some existing products and introduce new technology already well advanced.”

The Frampton Fen Facility in the heart of Lincolnshire  is the Centre of UK operations. The depot is equipped with workshops, Parts store, Training and administration and wide selection machines in stock and in preparation for delivery. The company’s Staff his highly trained and ready to meet our customers ‘requirements in the whole Country.


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